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Three in one: The most versatile bag EVER!

Buying a timeless accessory means being able to wear it with different outfits. To this end, the accessory needs to show itself useful on many occasions. Can you go to work with the same bag that you’re going out to dinner with later? Yes, that’s possible! We’re going to introduce you to one of the most versatile bags at Clutch Bags NY. This is the one you must have!

Crossbody bag - during the day

The crossbody bag is one of the best bags you will ever own. The webbed strap makes it easy to wear during the day, with enough space in it to carry documents, your phone, your charger as well as your daily makeup.

If you want to use it as a crossbody bag, the premium black leather style fits perfectly with more casual clothes, such as jeans and a white shirt. The bag also goes well with colorful clothes, as the black color works as a neutral and just melds in without making too much of a statement or competing with your colors.

The Italian leather leopard print crossbody bag also goes well with many different kinds of outfits. However, this style of print is not basic at all. Wearing a black blazer and black mocassins will drive attention to the bag because of its print, allowing it to shine. If you’re brave enough, be adventuresome with color when wearing the leopard print carry-all bag, and make a statement that feels edgy.

Chain bag for the evening

The same bag you’ll use during the day, to go to work, or to run around the city, can also be used for the evening. The chain that comes with the bag can just clip on for an over-the-shoulder, chic evening look. The chain, which you can order in either gold or silver, makes any outfit elegant and stylish, adding a little bit of spice to the vibe.

The metallic pink leather crossbody bag is another gorgeous option to shine with at night, matching a glitter dress or accessorizing a sleek all-black look by adding that POP of color. You can wear it with high heels, and a pink lip so you’ll be ready to sparkle. Any look you might wear with the pink crossbody bag will be fun and fabulous!

clutch bag anytime

And last, but not least, all straps and chains off allow the bag to transform into the perfect handful of clutch bag. Isn’t it perfect?

Three in one make it the most versatile bag you’ll ever find. Please visit our shop page here and order yours now for the holidays are fast approaching!

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