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  • Karyme Portilla

Top five spring essentials

Well, we can officially say that spring has finally arrived and I am sure most of you are happy about that. Let's discuss some of my favorite springtime must-haves and I'll explain why they are my favorites. Each must-have is a way for you to look fashionable while keeping current with the trends.

Summer Fridays

I recently bought this lip balm because TikTok made me do it. I saw it was going viral on TikTok and knew I had to get it. Since then, I always have had it with me when I go out. My favorite flavor is vanilla since it pairs well with everything.

Vintage Ray Ban Sunglasses

I enjoy purchasing vintage sunglasses, and Ray-Bans always have a wide selection. You should visit a thrift store and check at the accessories section to see what they have. Vintage sunglasses are always an excellent value for the money and are always a safe bet. Sunglasses are a springtime need because they are much needed to keep your eyes safe from the sun and glare, and always a nice accessory that can make a look.

Here is the link to Ray Ban Vintage Sunglasses

Kodak Film Camera

Since I first saw this camera, it has been on my wish list. I enjoy taking photos, especially when it's nice outside and I can go for a walk. Many of my friends use this camera, and I must say that the photographs are always stunning. For the spring, I want to purchase it so I can snap fun and memorable photos. Since it's so compact, it fits well in any bag.

Birkenstock Boston Suede

These clogs have also been on my wish list since I spotted them in TikTok. They are a real classic, super comfortable and add a bit of vintage flair to any outfit. The majority of the feedback has been positive about these. My friend owns them, and she always tells me that they are the best shoes she's ever purchased because they match everything. Because they're such practical shoes, I would suggest them for the spring.

Here is the link to Birkenstock Boston Suede

Coin Clutch

Last but not least, I must give a special thumbs up to this wristlet bag. Because it goes with pretty much any look at any time of day, the coin clutch is a springtime must-have. You can use it to go out at night or for a quick trip to get coffee. It is really comfortable and easy to carry and has enough space inside for a phone, keys, card wallet, and lip gel. I would recommend you get this clutch not just because it is one of my all-time favorites, but because it is the coolest, must-have on the list

Nab it here @ Coin Bag

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