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Clutch Travelogue: Fall in love with Italy

One of my favorite experiences traveling around the globe was visiting Italy! Its historic architectural structures, art and fashion, friendly people, and delicious food made my time there incredible! When it comes to Italy, there is always a new place to visit and a new historical fact to learn. Check out my tips about what to visit in Italy, plus the must-have bag that was with me for the entire travel!

Visit Venice

It is not an overstatement to say that Venice is extremely romantic and unique. Have you ever been to a city that floats at water level? Venice is absoutely stunning.

Acqua Alta Bookshop in Venice
Acqua Alta Bookshop in Venice

If you ever travel to Venice, a place I must encourage you to visit is Acqua Alta Bookshop. Due to Venice’s constant flooding, books are all housed in "safe" places that can withstand intrusive water; you will find books inside bathtubs and waterproof bins, and in one room you will see a full-size gondola with books in it. The surroundings help to create an aesthetic with a practical and historical flavor.

the road to Rome

Rome view
Rome view

Rome achieves all the expectations – it’s a big city, with a wonderful daytime ambiance as well as a bustling, active nightlife. It is also a magnificent and historical city to visit. From the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City to Fontana di Trevi, and the Colosseum, one can enjoy viewing them all amongst the daily routine of the citizens.

Moreover, take time to look at the city from above...the climb may be high, but the view is worth it!

Rome with motorbike!
Rome with motorbike!

Last but not least...if you have a driver’s license, try to take a motorbike ride. It’s fun to travel around the city streets. But don’t forget your safety helmet!

CLASSIC and stylish:

the best travel bag ever!

During my trip to Italy, the only clutch I carried every day and took with me everywhere was the Wristlet Clutch!

Its size is perfect to hold my wallet, cellphone, lipstick, and tissues, which was everything I needed during the trip and touring around.

Moreover, the bag looks modern, and classic, complementing any outfit I chose. If you have a travel place in mind to go during the new year of 2024 – don't think twice, the Wristlet Clutch will be perfect for you.

CLICK HERE to get yours now!!

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