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Traveling in Style: How to Rock the Crossbody Bag in Buenos Aires

In 2022, my best friend and I decided to explore as many South American countries as we could, so we started spending New Year's Eve in a different country every year. Our first destination for NYE 2023 was Punta del Este in Uruguay. This year, we had planned to visit Buenos Aires in Argentina.


This city boasts beautiful architecture and great restaurants, especially if you're into meat. The south of South America is renowned for its Parrilla, a barbecue style. We spent a week there but after three days of intense sightseeing, we managed to visit all the famous places. During the trip, we carried CBNY's black crossbody bag and floral card wallet.


Traveling Around the City

During the day, we got to know beautiful places like the Casa Rosada, el Camiñito, the Eva Peron Museum, the Women’s Bridge, and the Modern Museum. The black crossbody matched all my outfits and its webbing crossbody strap was super practical, keeping your hands free so you could take pictures and eat the best gelato in the world at Cadore. If you are willing to stand in line for a few minutes, I strongly recommend Tramontana, a creamy flavor made with vanilla, teeny tiny chocolate cookies, and big dulce de leche dollops.


After being in the sun for too long, I was able to use the spring rings of the crossbody strap to attach the bag to my pants' belt loops. An interesting solution that pretty much turned the crossbody bag into a belt bag.


During the nighttime, we had the opportunity to visit some of the best restaurants that I have ever been to. Additionally, we enjoyed spending time at the Casino as well as at Underground, which is an NYC subway-themed bar. The entrance to this bar is an old NYC subway car and all drinks are NYC-themed. Our favorite restaurants were La Josefina and El Favorito. To match the fancy night-outs, I would switch the Crossbody Bag's webbing strap for its chain shoulder strap.


Crossbody Bag + Card Wallet: it's a match!

During my urban travels, the Card Wallet proved to be extremely useful in keeping my bag organized. Normally, I tend to leave my ID and credit cards loose in small bags because wallets tend to take up so much space. However, the card wallet was small enough to not be in the way and the perfect size to store my ID, two credit cards, and even some money.


Overall, we had a fantastic and unforgettable experience. We are already looking forward to spending New Year's Eve in Chile next year. Which bag should I bring then?

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star inminutesusa
star inminutesusa
Mar 04

Embracing the crossbody bag trend in Buenos Aires is a style game-changer! From exploring vibrant neighborhoods to dancing the tango, this hands-free accessory is both chic and practical.

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