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If you read our blog last week you'll know we were inspired by Pinterest and their 2021 Spring Summer predictions for business and trends. This week, we turn to Clutch Bags specialty, accessories. If there is one thing that we learned during lockdown, it's that personal style never disappears during times of crisis, even if we are all living and working from home. Vogue published a recap on Spring Summer this week, so the team at Clutch Bags Dot Com is here to bring you all of the latest from nails to hair trends so you can stay on top of style this March.

Even when fashion lovers across the globe are staying home, they're still getting dressed. It's a plain and simple fact that everyone is looking to the future with hope and anticipation, especially for the world of fashion. So with the Spring collections that graced the runways, this is exactly what we saw. The designers are certainly showcasing looks and trends that are lively and fresh. Think micro miniskirts, looking forward to spring and the possibility of summer. Or voluminous dressing and bright colour combos - maybe referencing a hope for the near future that we will be out and about soon.

So let's take a deep dive into what we are seeing, and our favourites at Clutch Bags. First up - monochrome colour ways.

This takes comfortable dressing and elevates it. From chunky boots to minimal accessories, the look is perfectly paired without being boring.

Whether it's practicality or a nostalgia coming into play, headscarfs are all the rage in Spring and Summer this season. From silks to more substantial prints, these accessories are a go to.

Minimal but luxury aesthetic features. Whether it's a strand of pearls, an elegant pendant necklace or an expensive slouchy bag - investment accessories and statement pieces are all the rage this season.

And last but not least. Nail art and nails are all the rage. Maybe it's because we are craving self care of maybe it's just because they add some colour and fun to getting dressed. Either way we aren't mad about it!

Are you looking for USA made accessories? Head to Clutch Bags Dot Com for all the latest in accessory trends, crafted by #girlboss designers who are making locally.

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