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  • Karyme Portilla

What does it mean to shop consciously?

Shopping with consciousness means you are not under any pressure to make quick purchases or rash decisions you will later regret. Educated shoppers think thru their decisions about where to shop and spend time considering what they actually want to buy. This all adds up to the consumer being mindful of their expenditures and the items they are purchasing.

Guide to Shopping Consciously

1. Think Before You Buy

Consider your choices carefully and determine whether you actually NEED the item rather than just coveting it. You ought to consider your options and how they will affect your financial situation. Consider before you consume, as this will help you work thru these

consumer hunger pains.

2. Quality Over Quantity

Get excellent products that will last a long time and save you money in the long run rather than cheap fast fashion items that you will eventually throw away because they

fall apart. For instance, our

Blue Denim Maxi Tote is of excellent quality

and suitable for a variety of uses, so you know

you can put it to work and get the most from it.

3. Educate Yourself

Make sure you learn about what you are thinking about purchasing and consider your options and then your usage of the product carefully. Where was it made? How do I care for it? are just a few of the questions a conscious consumer might ask themselves about a potential purchase. There is a lot of research and reviews on various products, so make sure to look into that before pulling out your credit card.

4. Buy Locally

Buying locally means you can automatically lower your carbon footprint by supporting local suppliers and businesses. It frequently tends to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable. When you buy at Clutch Bags, you'll find up-cycled handbags that are gorgeous and environmentally friendly, produced right here in New York City. Check out our shop page for a great accessory that might fit your conscious lifestyle!

5. Buy and sell second hand

Nowadays, buying and selling clothing through online apps is really simple. This process enables you to purchase apparel without having to spend a ton of money, and you simultaneously contribute to lowering all sorts of pollution and waste just by purchasing something that was used or selling something you don't use as long as you can keep it out of landfill. I advise you to go on a Postmark or the theREALREAL and sell some of the clothes you no longer use and find ones you would!!!

Being made more aware of the significance in buying consciously, is really the point I wanted to drive home to consumers. When you shop, you shouldn't feel bad or humiliated about what you bought; instead, you should be pleased, contented and informed. Don't spend money on things you just like on a whim; try to only purchase things you truly want and think it thru. Follow my advice in my shopping guide, which will enable you to shop more thoughtfully and with a conscience.

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