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What is Timeless Fashion?

Updated: May 10, 2022

We are always changing our appearance, and consequently the way we dress is constantly changing too. Fashion trends come and go, especially with the reign of fast fashion that still dominates our society. With new trends released weekly, fast fashion comes with an expiry date. This model is unsustainable in every way - the garments are often of low quality since they are intended to be worn only a few times and disposed of, being replaced by new upcoming trendy items, making it toxic for the environment and, in the longer term, toxic for you and your wallet.

But the world is trying to change and so are consumers - the concern with production chains, the prioritization of sustainable processes in the textile industry, the resignification of clothing items and the message they carry has been gaining focus in the fashion industry. In the midst of this scenario is timeless fashion.

Timeless fashion is a style that overcomes trends and the passage of years, managing to remain a classic, always looking smart. Timeless fashion is the best alternative for those looking for a new mode of consumption that approaches slow fashion. True timeless fashion encapsulates items of clothing and accessories that go beyond seasonality, unlike the trends that we see losing their strength year after year. And their wearability as they end up as rags in the trash.

More than just classic looks, timeless fashion represents a set of values ​​that we have come to appreciate and demand. In short, timeless fashion is style that never goes out of style and has survived every change in trends. Although they have minimalist characteristics, these pieces continue to have an interesting touch and enhance the combinations of clothes.

In addition to the intention of being present on any occasion, not becoming obsolete and generating the least possible impact on the planet, we can also highlight some of its main advantages:

  • Higher quality and durability: Many of the clothes and accessories of this style, in addition to aesthetically representing timelessness, are produced with refined materials and made to last. Thus, with a higher quality, they wear out less over time.

  • Sustainability: As they value a sustainable production chain and never go out of fashion, these pieces have a much longer life cycle, avoiding the constant disposal of clothes and reducing the impact on the environment.

  • Elegance and versatility: This style has the power to naturally elevate looks with basic pieces - pieces can be worn any season of the year and matched with different styles and trends.

So, as you shop the internet and consider your budget for freshening up your wardrobe for the new season approaching, keep all of this in mind. Buy smartly, keeping timeless in mind when considering price.

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