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What is your style essence?

Updated: May 18, 2022

We all have a style essence - it is part of our true essence, what we were born with. Style essences are primarily concerned with our harmonious image as it pertains to our physical features. In other words, style essence shows you which clothing styles flatter you and which ones make you look odd. It can describe your beauty and what you exude from the inside outward. It is related to how we communicate with the world, how we make decisions, and, really, how we express ourselves. Style is timeless. Someone who is stylish may or may not follow fashion trends, but they always stay true to their own aesthetic. Finding your Style Essence is what navigates you to find your own style. so you discover what works for you.

Following every new fashion trend isn't the key to looking amazing - staying true to your own style essence is. But what if you're not sure what your style is? By searching for inspiration, building a mood board, and experimenting with clothing, you may develop your own unique style. You can start building your own style by looking at your own wardrobe, thrifting, shopping for unique clothes, accessorizing with handbags , scarves and jewelry... The point is to choose wisely and think about what you want to communicate to the world with your own clothes and accessories.

Your style essence is about developing a sense of self rather than to just absorb trends. Do you have one specific style that you love to wear over and over again, or do you like to switch it up often? Regardless of your preference, finding your personal style is a fun (and important) process. Once you know what makes you feel beautiful, you can rock it with confidence anywhere and anytime. Discover yours today with our quiz and shop the perfect bag for your own style essence!

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