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who is alexandra klimek

You may have seen her architecturally and visually stunning bags on Instagram, or seen her win the 2020 Independent Handbag Designer Awards for the best bag in style and design, but who exactly is Alexandra Klimek? The team at #clutchbagsdotcom sat down with Alexandra to learn more about this wonderful british brand, making and designing locally in London. With principles of design, handcraftsmanship and local making, Klimek truly is a Clutch Bags #girlboss through and through. Read our interview below to discover more about this small artisan fashion enterprise and the wonderful designer behind the designs.

1. What was the inspiration behind your brand and your products?

My name is Alexandra and I am the founder and designer of the London-based Alexandra Klimek brand. I see my brand as a small artisan fashion enterprise - a leather specialist studio. Craftsmanship, distinctive patterns and impeccable quality are the values that are

incorporated in every design and production step. Alexandra Klimek’s accessories are designed to become a part of the owner's life, and to accent their personality and sense of style.

'They are not made to complete a look; on the contrary, they are designed to express an emotion and make the wearer unique,'

leading to a particular idea: the triggering of emotions, followed by the creation of love at first sight and the spark of an overwhelming desire.

2. What pushes you to design and bring your idea to life?

There is nothing like picturing something in your head, then seeing it on the page and then finally bringing it to life. I love every step in the process of creating new designs – although they never start off perfect, working on them iteratively and watching them becoming what

they were always meant to be is the most satisfying experience for me.

3. Your bags are beautifully designed, what inspires their shape and


I have always been inspired by the world around me and the way people move through it - this has always seemed clearest to me when I was playing or watching basketball and other sports.

'A lot of my earlier inspirations reflects the geometry and shapes found on the court.'

Both the negative space that a player looks for in the sports field and the negative space in some of my favourite industrial and modern architecture have helped to inspire my collection.

4. How has the pandemic impacted your business and how has your business

adapted to these changes?

Being an independent start-up during UK lockdown has been difficult. Although I wasn’t able to go to my workshop as much as I wanted to, the lockdown gave me time to work on other aspects of my brand, especially developing new exiting ides. Now that we are coming out of lockdown and I am back in my workshop, I am bringing to life all the new designs and concepts I worked on during past months.

5. If you could describe your handbags in three words what would they


Modern, distinctive and elegant.

6. What is the inspiration behind wanting to make locally?

I have always been very involved in the making process of Alexandra Klimek’s hand bags. Making locally allows me stay involved with the process even whilst I am working on new designs. This also lets me guarantee that every Alexandra Klimek’s bag sold lives up to my


7. How important is it to your brand to be making locally and hand-crafting in London?

Working in London inspires me every day, even in recent times. London is one of the most artistically stimulating cities I have ever lived in. Making my bags in London give me access to a big pool of talented craftspeople and also to a wonderful community of friends, mentors and other designers.

8. How did you feel winning the best bag in style&design at the 2020Independent Handbag Awards?

I was so thrilled, honoured and excited when I found out that I had won. Being part of Handbag Awards meant a lot for me and my brand. Being nominated 3 times and winning The Best Overall Handbag category has brought my designs amazing exposure and has been great for raising awareness of my brand in both the European and the US markets. Winning the category and having a chance to be in creative environment of fellow designers at NY NOW will be an amazing experience and will give me the opportunity to collaborate and connect with new and interesting people in the industry. I am so excited to see what comes next and really looking forward to visiting New York and meeting all of the wonderful people that being a part of IHDA connected me to.

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