Backpack: Bags that are carried over the shoulders with the help of two thick straps are called backpacks.  Belt bag: Micro bags attached to a belt are called belt bags.  Bucket bag: Elongated bags that have top handles, resembling a bucket, or drawstring on the top as a closure are called bucket bags. Wristlet: Small bags that have a loop on one end, which is  wrapped around the wrists, are called wristlets.  Clutch: Small, hand-held bags that have either detachable or no straps with minimalistic or concealed hardware are called clutch bags.  Coin purse: Small bags used to carry coins are called coin purses.  Cross body: Bags that are worn with the strap looping over one shoulder and crossing your body diagonally are called cross body bags.  Envelope bag: A small and thin rectangular handheld bag, or clutch, with a triangular flap, resembling an envelope, is called an envelope bag.  Evening bag: A small decorative handheld bag or clutch used by women during the evenings for parties or dinners is called an evening bag.  Hobo bag: Handbags made in soft, flexible material like leather that slouch or bend in the middle when set down are called hobo bags.  Phone pouch: A tiny bag used to carry a smartphone is called a phone pouch. Round bag: aka circle bags, they’re sling bags or clutches in a circular shape.  Beach Bag: a super-cute tote bag to hold your sunscreen, shades, towel and beach reads.  Satchel: Defined by a structured design with a strap and top handles, the satchel bag will promote your career style.  Tote: A large rectangular shaped bag, sometimes without any closure, is called tote bag.   Weekender: A large handbag with top handles and a thick strap, often made of durable material like leather or canvas, used for storing overnight clothing and toiletries for a weekend getaway is called a weekend bag.  Sling bag: Small sized bags that have a long strap, to be worn hanging from one shoulder are known as sling bags.

At Clutch Bags Dot Com we facilitate a space for emerging female designers who make accessories in the USA to be seen and heard. We are a #girlboss run company that focuses on empowering women through their creativity and entrepreneurship. Shop our female designers below to support their local businesses. 



The Clutch Made Factory provides design and manufacturing services to individuals and brands looking to source and produce in the USA.  You can make it in the USA! 

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