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5 Timeless accessories You should HAVE

There are several ways to freshen up your look in order to achieve that stylish vibe you are wanting. Wearing the right accessories is a surefire way to give a special touch to your look. There are accessories that are timeless, even through all the years, trends and fashion, they seem to hold their own. Theses are the accessories that are relics in the closets of the fashionistas. In this post we are going to talk about the 5 timeless accessories that are worth investing in to upgrade your wardrobe.


Gucci's GG Marmont thin leather belt with shiny buckle // $395

In addition to being functional, belts can upgrade your look, making it more elaborate and stylish.

black clutch

Clutch Bags New York's Envelope Clutch //

A classic – the black clutch can be paired with an infinite variety of styles. From casual styles to formal styles, the black clutch can spice up your look while also being able to carry everything you need.

Classic Sunglasses

Ray-Ban's Aviator Gradient Sunglasses // $178

Classic sunglasses are ideal for those looking to invest in pieces with a long lifespan. Stay stylish on sunny days for years to come – these accessories can make your look even more complete.


Vivienne Westwood's Mini Bas Relief Choker // $210

Classic and at the same time contemporary, pearls are present in several items. Pearls can be used in necklaces, earrings, bracelets – you name it.


Burberry's Fringed Checked Cashmere Scarf // $470

Trends come and go, but scarves never go out of style. Regardless of how they're added to your outfit, they are capable of giving a special touch to even the most basic looks. They can be used to accessorize your bag and even be used as a belt or around your neck. The possibilities are endless!

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