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The Coin Clutch: A Versatile Accessory

White Coin Clutch traveling around the city
White Coin Clutch traveling around the city

The Coin Clutch is one of the most popular leather clutches in our collection. And why might this be? Well, maybe because the bag is just so cute and easy to carry - quite possibly it could be because this bag just never looks out of style or fashion. Check out some details about the Coin Clutch you must know!

The Coin Clutch is a versatile accessory that can also serve as a makeup bag. It is crafted with artisanal whipstitching, which makes it a unique and special piece. Whipstitching is an incredible detail that has been consistent in fashion accessories for years, even going in and out of vogue. It has become a classic detail that represents a bit of bohemian, handmade chic, which is truly special in this age of machine-made products from China.

Hand Whipstitched detail gives this bag style

Let's talk about the versatility of this product, shall we? We have a great little bag you can grab and go when in a hurry. It would also be a perfect accessory to pair with your leather jeans and big knit turtle neck sweater for lunch with your friends.

Perfect for keeping your phone, keys, card wallet, lipstick, blush, foundation, and mascara organized!

Makeup bag mode is on!

Coin Clutch used as a Makeup bag
Coin Clutch used as a Makeup bag

This is where the Coin Bag from CBNY comes into play. It is an ideal size to fit makeup and has a cool look that is hard to come by. Usually, makeup bags are made of nylon, vinyl, or plain plastic. But this one is made of leather and whipstitched to perfection. If you're looking for the perfect clutch bag for makeup, then the one from Clutch NY is the one to have.

Plus, when you try to put this small bag in another purse, you realize how easily and efficiently it fits. This is a bag that is worth a zillion!

If you want to purchase a Coin Clutch now, click the link HERE! Find versatility and STYLE with CBNY!


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