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Friend gifts made in usa

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

The holidays are the biggest season of the year for gifting and buying, with many shopping stats trending during this time. When it comes to gift giving, be it Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Christmas, we all want to receive or give something meaningful to the people who are special to us. Finding the right gift or the gift that we feel has the most value and thoughtfulness during this economic time, can be challenging.

I have chosen to shop locally and am only purchasing products made in the USA. This edits the choices down a bit, but it does put money back into the community, and local shop keepers (not chain stores) appreciate the patronage. As far as made in USA gifts, when choosing the belt for dad, I chose a made in USA brand with a website that clearly touts its origin. This put a smile on my face, because, as a part of a brand making in the USA, I can relate to the obstacles a fellow USA maker is up against.

So, on that note, let's talk gifts for friends. Clutch Bags NY recommends shopping with us to find something that is unique, made right in the heart of New York City in a sustainable and ethical way. Our products at Clutch Bags NY carry with them a little piece of our history - from the streets that have inspired us to the production of each piece in our collections, made thoughtfully and locally. What better reason to give your special someone a gift from us!

There's no better time to give gifts to your good friends that represent a level of gratitude for being who they are in your life. Keep reading to see our suggestions for each one of them.

For the romantic best friend

Do you have a friend who likes to dress in a feminine and delicate way? The person who is sweet and always believes in true love, typical of a cliché movie or love novel? Our suggestion is the Chain-link Heart Lock Necklace, which has the perfect shape to match your friend's femininity. In addition, we have the Card Envelope that is available in a great leather floral print. This accessory, in addition to matching your friend's style, is perfect for day-to-day usage.

For the fancy best friend

Is your friend one who tends to grab everyone's attention wherever she goes? Is she cool and daring with her outfits? Everything she does is iconic and she's not afraid to be in the spotlight? If your friend matches this description, then your chosen gift needs to be at that height of statement accessory. Our suggestion would be our favorite Cash & Carry All Bag in Animal Print, which is so versatile that it will surprise her. Also, we can't forget to mention our Alligator Double Wrap Cuff, which will give a pop of color to any outfit.

For the classic best friend

Is your friend someone who enjoys minimalist accessories, sober tones and comfortable clothes? Without a doubt, this friend of yours belongs to the most classic style. Therefore, our suggestion is our Round Lock Necklace, a classic accessory that can be worn with many looks. We also recommend our Skinny Belt, perfect for adding style to a classic look~over a blazer or a boyfriend shirt!

For more suggestions, be sure to check out our Gift Suggestions page! Shop consciously and remember to buy accessories ethically made in the USA. Keep it Clutch with CBNY!

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