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Carry the Wristlet Coin Clutch All Day!

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Every woman goes through the challenges of a busy day as an ongoing event: going from the gym to work, then having a quick business lunch out of the office, to joining up with friends for some social fun apres work. How does one navigate these events all in one day and remain stylish as well as versatile with their outfits and accessories? Busy women need versatile accessories that match their vibe!

If that’s what you’re looking for, consider yourself lucky – you found the right place! Clutch Bags New York is known for its versatility and high-quality accessories which are utilitarian and stylish all of the time.

We came up with some ideas for how to style one of our most versatile bags, the Coin Clutch. Our goal is to integrate your style with more than just accessories – each Clutch Bags New York accessory is designed with you in mind--it is not about the style of the bag, but the style of you wearing it throughout your amazing days of busyness.

Coin Clutch + work

If you work in an office where you need to dress smartly, don’t worry: The Coin Clutch can carry you there. This bag is made from Italian tumbled leather, available in black, espresso, silver, or white, it comes in enough options to match your outfit. Be it a blazer, with a white shirt and pair of boots, or a smartly tailored dress, this bag subtly finishes your polished look.

For an even more finessed look – maybe for a big meeting – try tying your hair up in a ponytail. This is a great option and will give you more of the assertive and chic look you might be going for.

Coin Clutch + lunch

Time for lunch means a really great time to get out of the office! Don’t forget your Coin Clutch as you are walking out the door - as it is a wristlet, you can put it around your wrist and you’re ready to go. With such a light and practical accessory, you won’t need to be bothered carrying anything heavy and uncomfortable to a quick meal. Just the very necessary is quite enough.

Coin Clutch + Friends

Do you have a meet-up apres work to get to with your friends? Try to transform the same outfit you wore the entire day into a more relaxed version of it. Here is a little tip: try changing your shoes - better if it's a colorful pair. Remember the shoes communicate a lot about your look – invest in some fun ones that will surprise everyone else.

Keep in mind that the Coin Clutch, whether it’s black or white, will always be a good choice for your apres work hangouts. It fits your cell phone, credit cards, make-up, and car keys. The leather texture adds a quality touch. The Coin Clutch easily fits on a table or counter comfortably without taking up too much space--so you can keep a tight eye on it – with the Coin Clutch you’ll never be wearing a boring look!

Clutch Bags New York –making the best for our customers

The Coin Clutch, as well as all of Clutch Bag NY's accessory products, are designed to be versatile, adapting to a city routine like our muse, New York City. Our inspiration comes from the American metropolis, the chance encounters that take place in this city, and the little treasures that can be found around every corner. We hope that just as our accessory products tell their stories, they can also become part of yours.

We also believe that fashion should be linked with a conscious mindset. This means all of our accessory products are limited edition and unique in their own way - but perfect for you, regardless. Our handbags are made from upcycled material, using ethical labor practices, made right here in NYC.

To shop NOW, visit our website to find the perfect clutch for you, supporting local economy and sustainable fashion. Make the difference, with a bit of style!

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