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did someone say new handbags!?

As a #girlboss site dedicated to all female designers who make in the #USA, we're excited to show you some of our new favorites from our growing girl boss community.

So what does it mean to be up on Clutch Cags dot com? One, that you're a female designer. Two, that you make in the USA. And three, that you've joined our girl boss community for women who empower each other and support local businesses! All the women on our site are curated around the latest trends in USA making. Here's the latest on #clutchbagsdotcom.

We have some wonderful new pieces from Shana Luther on Clutch Bags. The team at #clutchbagsdotcom loves the monogramming trend that we are seeing everywhere, especially when it is in Shana Luther's amazing leathers and style! We think that the monogram leather patches are going to be the perfect christmas gift this holiday season!

Our brand new designers at AllBYB have some amazing accessories now up on Clutch Bags

Their wonderfully bright and cheerful textures and prints add the perfect pop of color to any fall/winter outfit. Feeling a little down this cold season? Cheer up with a new #girlboss design and support women who make in the USA!

Last but not least we have some amazing new pieces from our long term client and amazing designer, Leslie Dasch. Her beautiful new pieces on our site are super elegant yet fun. A Clutch Bags team favorite is the cheeta kiss clutch, we think its perfect for all the elegant christmas parties we know you'll be attending!

Don't forget that if you are a #girlboss designer who makes in the USA. Or you know someone who is, you can head to our SITE to contact us today and join our growing girl boss community!

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