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Happy Earth Day from Clutch Bags New York

On Earth Day it is important that we take a moment to think about sustainability. Our current consumption pattern is not sustainable – trends are getting faster, accessories and clothes are becoming dated and being discarded even with good functionality. Fast fashion has become the standard of consumption and unfortunately the consequences of this are devastating. Products are discarded, large-scale production produces a gigantic amount of waste in addition to the environmental footprint left in nature. It is necessary to rethink our habits and rebuild them in a way that does not harm the environment.

It is necessary to reduce consumption as a whole – however, for this it is necessary that the thinking of our society changes. Fashion is not sustainable. It is necessary that one's own style is allied with conscious consumption. It is necessary that the products have a longer life span, meaning the higher quality of the objects that are produced, also seeking to combine an aesthetic that represents the individual and is not just part of a passing fad.

Fashion needs to be renewed as a whole, not only thinking about the present moment, but also thinking about the future, about how each product can be transformed or used. It is necessary to think of new ways of operating and applying fashion in a way that self-expression does not help to pollute the planet.

We at Clutch Bags New York thought about it – for this reason, all our products are produced from upcycling materials that could be discarded. Each accessory of our brand is produced in small limited quantities for this reason, making each one of them have their own significance. Our accessories are produced locally in New York City – seeking to bring style without compromising nature.

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