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How to wear the cash & carry

The Cash&Carry bag has long been a staple in the American woman's wardrobe. It's no surprise that this chic silhouette remains popular in 2021. Why is the style forever in style though? The cash & carry crossbody is the perfect size and utilitarian style for the woman on the go. This means for the #clutchbagsdotcom team in #newyork, we are constantly seeing women on the run with these kinds of small, crossbody bags. That's why this spring we launched our latest Clutch NY style of bag. Meet the Cash & Carry All bag from Clutch Bags -

So in this week's blog - let's talk about wearing this latest style. In an Outfit Trends Blog, they spoke about styling this bag. Their first key point was about investing in a good quality, well-made crossbody bag. Why? Because if you're wearing this bag all day everyday whilst you're on the go, you want a sturdy bag that's going to last.

When it comes to the crossbody bag, you can usually only wear it so many ways depending on the strap. But with our Clutch NY one, you can wear it six ways! With a detachable chain, tassel AND strap, you can keep on all of the features, or just pick and choose each one depending on what kind of occasion you need it for. It truly is the all-in-one bag, as it can be styled as a clutch, crossbody, makeup bag, under the shoulder bag and more!

Check out how we styled our latest bags below and remember to shop NOW in both of these cute new prints, our metallic pink leather and the leopard print.

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