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New Handbags in 2020

As a #girlboss site for women who make in the USA, we're so excited to show you some of our new favorites from our growing collection of beautiful accessories.

So what does it mean to be up on Clutch Cags dot com? One, that you're a female designer. Two, that you make in the USA. And three, that you've joined our girl boss community for women who empower each other and support local businesses! All the women on our site are curated around the latest trends in USA making. Here's the latest on #clutchbagsdotcom.

You can shop our gorgeous new designs for the New Year. They are the perfect accessory, wardrobe refresh, gift, or just treat for yourself! SHOP NOW!

And don't forget if you or anyone you know is a #girlboss designer who makes in the USA you can join our growing community at #clutchbagsdotcom today!

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