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Clutch Bags NY & our nyc inspo

We strongly believe that inspiration can be found anywhere, and that's exactly how we approach it at Clutch Bags. Our main source of inspiration is the city where we began the business; New York, the fashion capital of the world.

Read on to discover how we get inspired by our muse, NYC!

Iconic Monuments

New York City is home to numerous iconic landmarks, one of the most famous being the Statue of Liberty. Each landmark tells a story about the history of New York City. The monuments express the grandeur of NYC, reminding us that we are all part of a vast international community that has come to NYC from every part of the world and that we should support one another.

At Clutch Bags, we highly value supporting the local economy by shopping locally. We believe that small actions can have a big impact.

The city that never sleeps - New York City

New York City is known as the city that never sleeps, as it truly does come alive at night with its dazzling city lights, hustle and bustle, music, sports, and Broadway! There is just too much to do and see at any hour in this city.

The NYC vibe just gets under your skin and energizes you. It is hard to describe at times, but you just feel like you are watching everything in the world that is happening all at once like you are not missing a beat. Seeing a variety of people in crowds walking around is enough to endear you to the visual impact of the sidewalks.

Clutch Bags is here to complement every day of busy women who work during the day and still want to have fun at night! We live today as it was the last!!

Colors and textures – NYC MOOD

New York City never fails to amaze its visitors with the wide range of art that can be seen everywhere. From sculptures on the streets to paintings in museums and the fashion choices of the people on the street, the city is a vibrant showcase of colors and textures, always heaving with creativity.

This is the place that inspires us to design and make at Clutch Bags. We enjoy creating quality, functional accessories to complement a woman's style. CBNYC designs accessories that come from a place of New York City inspiration and energy. Keep it Clutch!

Check out our shop page and get yours now!! FALL for Clutch Bags NY this season!

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