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Why Embrace Conscious Consumerism?

Updated: Jan 2

Consciousness consumerism/ Image: Freepik
Conscious consumerism/ Image: Freepik

The concept of conscious consumerism embraces different levels of sustainable behavior. To adapt to a conscious consumerism way of life, you should always consider your choices carefully and determine whether you need to buy or not buy a product. Consumer consciousness also means choosing local brands, which are sustainably and ethically made, as we discussed in our article about what it means to shop consciously. Let's focus on explaining some of the reasons why buying with a conscious mindset is important. At Clutch Bags New York, we value conscious consumerism and find the discussion of it valuable in our consumer-driven society.

Conscious consumerism – why does it matter?

Sustainability illustration/ Image: DTS
Sustainability illustration/ Image: DTS

The key to supporting conscious consumerism helps in driving changes in our society and planet. Ensuring a sustainable way to shop for products is a relevant topic even to the United Nations' Agenda, which has included it as one of the Sustainable Developmental Goals until 2030.

If every person on earth applies more thought about their purchases, then we, as human beings, will shop less. That’s mainly because most of the things we buy aren’t a necessity. That doesn’t mean you have to just live with one shirt and a pair of shoes – that’s not what consciousness of consumerism is about. The point is to make better choices, not only in terms of quantity but also of quality and durability.

The importance of making better choices about consuming products is part of the future of our whole society, being able to reduce mass production and decrease the degradation of the environment.

Shop ethically: not just about the environment, but also about the people

Factory work/ Image: Freepik
Factory work/ Image: Freepik

Something that should be the priority of every consumer when buying a new product is the consideration of the human conditions of the employees and partners involved in the manufacturing, developing, and shipping of the product.

Unfortunately, we don’t have enough access to information about the manufacturing conditions of the products we buy. Brands and businesses around the world put their product manufacturing in the hands of factories that exploit workers and wages. The companies' owners tend to turn a blind eye, letting modern slavery play out.

To avoid patronizing this kind of company, you can choose to shop locally, from small brands. Local manufacturing brand owners have more access to the manufacturing process and will be aware of the comings and goings during every step of the process, also making it more transparent to their customers.

Conscious consumerism as a brand value to Clutch Bags New York

Clutch Bags NY
Clutch Bags NY

At Clutch Bags NY, we also believe that fashion should be linked to a conscious mindset. It is easy to find accessories that don't wear well for more than a single season, which goes against a conscious mindset. Accessories that don’t wear well will produce garbage, wastewater, and landfills, contributing to the degradation of the environment.

That is why each and every single one of our products is made from upcycled high-quality materials, that will last for years in your closet. In addition, we invest in timeless items in limited editions. With Clutch Bags you’ll be making a responsible choice with unique accessories, made locally and sustainably.

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Dilan Bou
Dilan Bou
Dec 18, 2023

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