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3 Clutch styles for your wardrobe

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

The silhouette of the clutch bag style has been evolving along with the change of fashion trends. Nowadays, clutch bags come in a wide range of styles and colors and are worn throughout all seasons of the year. Some of these bag xtyles come with straps, chains, handles, and ever more space to meet the accessory needs of the contemporary woman. As the name of our brand might suggest, this style is one of our favorites.

I believe the clutch style of bag is one of the most adaptable accessories, and that it can enhance any type of outfit – whether it is to complement an evening gown or give a distinctive flair to a more casual outfit. This is why every woman's wardrobe should include a good, high quality clutch bag. Whichever clutch you opt for, have fun wearing it, accessorizing with it and showing it off like the sweet gem of candy that it is!

So, let’s break down the clutch styles for you here so you know what you will need in your closet to accessorize your wardrobe:


Creating the bridge between formal and minimalist, this style gives a fun touch to any outfit. This clutch can make a simple outfit pop with a different approach to accessorizing, since it is far less expected than a regular shoulder bag or tote.


You never know when you're getting invited to a formal dinner or a special event - that is why it is important to have a formal clutch ready at all times. Plus, they can serve as the bag you need if you're looking for a way to glamorize your outfit.

Versatile CLUTCH

This style of clutch is the one you'll be able to carry at all times. Some of these styles may come with straps or wristlets, which make the bag easier to carry so you can use them for different events. From a night out with your friends to a day at the office, versatile clutches are the perfect bags to wear when you want to give your outfits a stylist touch without compromising your comfort.

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