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Upcycle for Style

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Black Crossbody Bag/ Image: Clutch Bags
Black Crossbody Bag/ Image: Clutch Bags NY

If you thought fashion and sustainability weren’t a match, you were wrong! At Clutch Bags, we prioritize sustainability as a core brand value and integrate it seamlessly into our fashion designs. All of our accessories are crafted from upcycled materials and manufactured in the United States. To learn more about what it means to produce handbags from upcycled materials for Clutch Bags NY, read the text below! Fall into Clutch Bags this season!

What is upcycling?

Raw materials upcycling/ Image: Freepik
Raw materials upcycling/ Image: Freepik

People are most familiar with the concept of recycling – which is the process of process of converting waste into reusable materials, such as plastic and paper for other purposes. Upcycling is a similar concept that is more commonly associated with the fashion industry.

When we create clothing or accessories using upcycled materials, we are using fabric, leather, or hardware that has been repurposed from existing materials that might otherwise have been thrown away. This helps to reduce waste and promote sustainability in fashion. It is basically salvaging overstock raw materials.

Why is upcycling important for the environment?

Green thinking/ Image: Freepik
Green thinking/ Image: Freepik

Upcycling involves significant savings in water and energy, used both in the exploitation of natural resources and, to a lesser extent, in recycling. Upcycling is one of the great examples of the circular economy, which proposes that this waste can serve as an input for the production of new products.

In addition, using upcycled materials can also help reduce carbon emissions since a lot of carbon is emitted during the process of creating finished products from raw materials. According to research made in 2019 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the industry sector of the United States of America is responsible for 23% of the world’s carbon emissions.

Are handbags made from upcycled materials less valuable compared to other handbags?

No, they are not. The term “upcycling” is the opposite of downcycling. Downcycling involves converting materials and products into new materials, often of a lower quality. Upcycling, on the other hand, involves reusing old materials in a way that creates something of greater value or higher quality. By choosing to shop from a brand that uses upcycled materials, you can support sustainable fashion while still maintaining a stylish look. Plus, you'll have one-of-a-kind accessories made from top-notch materials.

Shop Upcycling with Clutch Bags NY this FALL!

We believe that fashion should be linked with a conscious mindset. It is easy to find accessories that don't last for more than a single season (meaning that the environmental damages most likely come from an irresponsible manufacturing method + waste generated afterward by a product that cannot be used properly). At Clutch Bags NY, every single one of our products is made from upcycled high-quality materials.

All of our accessories are limited edition and unique in their way. All Clutch Bags will perfectly match your fall outfits, making you comfortable, STYLISH, and conscious!

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