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Meet Clutch Bags NY: what inspires our USA-made accessories!

New York Picture/ DTS Photo
New York Picture/ DTS Photo

The Clutch Bags NY name reveals the essence of the brand: Clutch Bags NY's inspiration stems from the heart of the American metropolis, New York City. We are inspired every day by New York's culture, lifestyle and it's people - that is why it makes total sense for our accessories to be made here as well. Beyond New York City, what else is included with the brand values of Clutch Bags NY? We thought we would summarize what inspires our USA-made accessories for you here!

Sustainability & Conscious

Sustainability image/ Freepik image
Sustainability image/ Freepik image

At Clutch Bags NY, we consider that fashion should be linked with a conscious mindset.

It is easy to find accessories that don't last for more than a single season (meaning that the environmental damages most likely come from an irresponsible manufacturing method + waste generated afterward by a product that cannot be used properly or long enough). That is why every single one of our products is made from upcycled high-quality materials.

In addition, all of our products are limited edition and unique in their own way - but perfect for you, regardless.

Clutch Bags NY supports Locally-made fashion

Local made fashion/ DTS Image
Local made fashion/ DTS Image

Clutch Bags New York is proudly made in the USA. We believe that manufacturing in the United States of America is a positive force in the world, and we are proud to be a part of that movement and those values. Because we care. And we put our words into action.

Working with local manufacturers not only helps to create stability in our community but also supports the local economy.

Moreover, supporting domestic manufacturing ensures that your accessories will be produced ethically and responsibly.

Timeless, versatile, and functional products with STYLE!

Model with Denim Wristlet Clutch/ Image from Clutch Bags' team
Model with Denim Wristlet Clutch/ Image from Clutch Bags' team

As we discussed in one of our previous blogs, a timeless accessory is any accessory that has classic styling, which gives it longevity. To last a long time, the accessory should be made from high-quality materials. So, the timeless accessory will be more cost-effective, as well as more sustainable than its timeless, poorly constructed, cheap competition. We apply this mindset to the development of all of our accessories.

We also compromise on producing versatile and functional accessories that match the vibe busy women are looking for! Keep track of our blog posts to see some recommendations of how you can navigate through a variety of daily events with the same clutch bag, remaining modern and stylish all the time.

Visit our shop page to find the perfect clutch for you!

If you identify with our brand values, then check out our shop page to find the perfect clutch for you!

Our goal is to integrate your style with more than just accessories – each Clutch Bags New York accessory is made up of different stories, styles, and paths.

We hope that just as our products tell stories, they can also become part of yours.

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