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Join our ethical, sustainable & local marketplace

As we're in the midst of summer and the end of the year quickly approaches, it's the perfect time to grow your business and sell your product. Clutch Bags dot come is now also the perfect place to do just that!

Supporting sustainable and local businesses is becoming increasingly important so that we can make conscious choices when consuming and buying new products. At Clutch Bags we facilitate a space for emerging designers who make accessories locally to be seen and heard. We work with a variety of brands that want more than another accessory - our brands make a statement. The culmination of designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling creates a shopping site dedicated to helping you find the perfect accessories, created right here in New York City.

As we facilitate this space for designers, you not only receive your own brand world on our site, but you'll also be exposed to new demographics and get tailored marketing and content that is cross promoted on all of our platforms.

When you're side by side with other female designers who have the same values, you know that the audience you're reaching has a big focus on sustainability, ethical production and making locally. At Clutch Bags dot com we provide the space for both designers AND consumers to find the right market to sell and shop products and accessories with PURPOSE.

Are you ready to get started selling with Clutch Bags Dot Com? Email for more details or head to the get started selling with us page here.

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