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Kamala Harris' power dressing generation

In an article titled 'Kamala Harris will Change Power Dressing Forever' Vogue UK, writes that the first black, female vice president elect of the United States of America, has become a figure for a power dressing generation. During her acceptance speech, she wore a white trouser suit that made a political statement. Her choice of trousers outlined how the iconic silhouette of a pant suit is a stand against gender equality. And white is a unity symbol for feminism, worn by the suffragettes in the 20th century when they fought for women's votes.

The team at #clutchbagsdotcom sat down to analyse and discuss this new wave of #powerdressing that we love oh - so - much! Keep reading below for more...

The iconic look was definitely a #girlboss and #powerdressing moment. As a key figure to young girls and women in America right now, she chooses to both reflect on the historic past of gender inequality, as well as take her own stance on appropriate 'womenswear'. As much as Harris is seen in pant suits and symbolic colours, she equally displayed more casual clothing wear in her campaign trail. From replacing skirts with trousers, to displaying varieties of pearl accessories, her wardrobe often formal, is also paired with jeans, white tee shirts and a plethora of Chuck Taylors.

What is most inspiring about her wardrobe is the message that a #girlboss can wear as she pleases, often for her own desire and comfort, or to make a clear statement that is more about values, beliefs and politics over aesthetics and fashion. The next generation of women in America, are seeing more media directing fashion into this mode of power dressing than ever before. With even more key political figures open up their wardrobes to us, power dressing is here to stay. Especially now, when comfort, wearability and self-expression is key in the self isolation era.

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