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Meet our marketplace designers

Clutch Bags is transforming and growing into an ethically and sustainably curated marketplace. Our goals always are to support sustainable and local businesses and to support consumers in making conscious choices when buying new products and investing in their wardrobes. After all, this is the year of the conscious consumer, and we have seen this trend of responsible shopping grow dramatically in the last few years.

At Clutch Bags, we facilitate a space for emerging designers who make accessories locally to be seen and heard. We work with a variety of brands that want more than another accessory - our brands make a statement. The culmination of designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling creates a shopping site dedicated to helping you find the perfect accessories, created right here in New York City. Clutch Bags is a natural extension of everything Laura Dotolo has been doing in her own design career over the last 25 years in New York City.

What makes our marketplace so great is the designers on our platform, and the community around it. So for this weeks blog we wanted to highlight all of our amazing designers, share a little bit more about them, and their signature products.

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