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New York nights + Clutch Bags: Bars we recommend in NYC

Day or night, New York is always a good choice! At night, when the city lights get brighter, the best we can do is go out and find a nice place for some drinks, isn’t it? Enjoy the city, the culture, the night - that's New York. Therefore, in this article we suggest three bars you should go in New York City and yake your Clutch with you! Shall we?

Grand army bar

Grand Army Bar is located on the 18th floor of Roosevelt Island’s Graduate New York, and according to Times Out is one of the best bars at the city. It’s a blend of craft geeky cocktail bar and neighborhood tavern. It has a lot of drinks available on the menu, in addition to beer and wine.

Speaking about the food, there are options for dinner or late night eating, as some finger foods. Also, Grand Army Bar is known for it Oystres - you better try them once you're in there!

To go out in a bar like Grand Army, the perfect accessory that we recommend to take on is the Wristlet Clutch. It is versatile to carry inside another bag, if you’re going to the bar directly from work, and is also delicate and funcional. Get your Wristled Clutch and go enjoy the night!

Black bag wristlet
Wristlet Clutch/

2. Diamond Lil Bar

Diamond Lil Bar stays on 179 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn. By looking at their Instagram pictures you can notice the drinks are special - at least for how they look. That’s a good place to either go with your friends, celebrate your birthday or go on a date with someone special.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Diamond Lil Bar is open not just as night, as well from 2 p.m. There is a backyard at the bar for clients to enjoy a drink in a different environment, surrounded by plants and nature. Thereupon, if you’re looking to go out on a sunny weekend afternoon, that’s the perfect place.

The accessory we recommend you to take on to Diamond Lil Bsr is the Coin Clutch! Besides its usability, it’s never out of style! Coin Clutch will be the right accessory for you to keep elegant, modern, with everything you need with you.

White bag
Coin Clutch/

3. Coppelia

The third suggestion of the day is related to the international characteristic of New York: Latin Diner with cuban soul directly from the United States!

Coppelia it’s located in West Village, Chelsea, and it’s open 24 hours a day, which means that anytime is a good time to enjoy Coppelia.

The menu includes snacks and latin appetizers, as Guacamole, Empanadas and Tacos. In addition, the drinks keep the same vibe - they’re all inspired in latin cuisine.

Here are some of the drink options of Coppelia's menu:

  • MARGARITA CUBANA $15 | Lunazul Blanco tequila, tamarindo, lime juice, jalapeño syrup

  • CUBA COLADA $15 | Coconut Bacardi rum, pineapple, lime, juice, syrup

  • GUARAPITA $16 | Zacapa 23 rum, passion fruit puree, strawberry, cucumber, ginger, lime juice

If you go to Coppelia during the day, the best clutch we recommend any of the three Crossbody Bag we have. They're available on the premium black leather, the Italian leather leopard print and the metallic pink leather. In our last blogpost, we suggested how to style the Crossbody Bag, take a look and rock it on!

But if you go to the Coppelia at night, we recommend the Fold-Over clutch. It has a classic design that matches with every outfit you try on, making you feel comfortable with yourself. It also has enough space to carry what you need for a night out, such as makeup, wallet and car keys.

black bag
Fold-over Clutch/

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